White Boy

Ricky’s mates come from all over the world, and as far as they’re concerned they are all ‘breddas’. But when tragedy befalls one of them, Ricky’s forced to ask himself the serious question – what does it mean to be a white boy in Britain today?

White Boy was first performed in a National Youth Theatre production at the Soho Theatre on the 10th August 2007. The production was revived on the 16th January 2008. It was directed by Juliet Knight.

“White Boy had a vibrant energy about it” British Theatre Guide

“This is a show that should be taken to secondary schools throughout the country.” Financial Times

“A vivid impression of London state-school life, of rivalries and tensions, the racial antagonisms and resentments.”The Evening Standard

“White Boy captures something of the listlessness, futility and the accidental escalations of aggression that mark out teenage life.” Culture Wars

“Gupta has long mined the rich seam of material that exists where cultures meet and clash”The Evening Standard