Days before his death, a Bengali man has a prophetic dream about his journey towards enlightenment 

Bideshi was one of four short films featured in Siren Spirits, a BBC2 series of short films by Black and Asian women writers on the theme of magic and the supernatural. Bideshi is an enchanting, playful portrayal of the final odyssey of a dying man. “Bideshi” is a slang term for a foreigner, though as many people with a cross-cultural heritage will admit, “Bideshi” has a bittersweet echo that says one can be a foreigner twice.

Ajoy is a 50 year old man in a coma. His spirit leaves his body but it cannot leave the world of the living until he is reconciled with his daughter Joyoti, more specifically her choice to have a baby with her black boyfriend. Bideshi is a warm, perceptive look at a father-daughter bond. Roshan Seth is absolutely charming as the father while daughter Jyoti  is a perfectly realised rebellious yet loving daughter.